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New Members Guide 2023

  Rules for beginners – Golf Ireland

 World Golf Handicap Pocket guide

Weekly Club Competition’s

When inputting a card at an away course it will go onto your
record automatically (if it’s an official competition). If it’s just a
casual round with another Golfireland member you ( & you choose to submit a round)  will need to sign-in on
the Golfireland app pre round
then input that card asap after game.       (You
still be on-site
at that club in order for it to work), 

All society cards should be returned
on the app too in the same manner as above, if you are having problems
with the app send on a photo of your card, but only when you’ve
exhausted the above advice. 

Step 1: Install the howdidido app, When you submit 3 cards a Handicap index will be allocated.

( In addition you can send a photo via email or WhatsApp to speed up the process).

Please put the 3 scorecards in an envelope marked “For Handicap” and leave at the course reception.

  • Cards submitted in the Winter season: a temporary domestic Handicap will be allocated.
  • Cards submitted in the Qualifying period April to end of October: an initial Golfireland handicap will be allocated, you will need 20 qualifying cards thru the season to have a fully developed Handicap (this will allow entry to interclub competitions in 2024).

Handicap index allocation you will then have access to the HDID tee
time booking system for Competitions and casual golf at the course.

Step 2: Install the Golf Ireland app, use this to track your Handicap index.
The pin number for registering is on the back of your Golf Ireland member card.
Step 3: install the BRS booking app for Tee time bookings outside of competition times
For issues relating to BRS contact Amanda at reception.
Step 4: (optional)  You may want to download a GPS Golf app.
comply with the rules of Competition golf the GPS app can only give
advice on Distance, not measure wind speed or direction etc. Try not to
let such devices interfere with pace of play.
Example of a free App with the Course mapped on it is below 

Brian Cruise, Handicap Sec 2023


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