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Yellow Peril Competition advice

 Yellow Peril Competition Stableford: 

Use Howdidido Playing Handicap & minus domestic cuts from this PH.

  • On each hole, two team members play their own white ball for Singles Stableford Scorecard and one plays the “yellow Peril” ball for team Scorecard. If YP player gets 2pts they add that to their own singles scorecard and also on the Team Scorecard.
  •   Take “yellow” ball in rotation. Lowest handicap (including domestic Cuts) on first hole: Middle handicap on second hole: Highest handicap on third hole. Keep to this order for the 16 holes. Therefore, the lowest Handicapper plays “yellow” ball six times. 
  • If the Yellow ball is lost no more points can be added to Team Score.

A team that completes the full 18 shooting 34pts and returns the yellow ball to changing room would trump a Team that shot 35pts but lost their ball on the 16th hole.


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