• Gortlum, Dublin, D24 E653

Qualifying conditions resume Weds 23rd of March

Due to the nice spell of dry weather: from Weds 23rd it will be Placing on The Fairway only, within 6 inches.

Play as it lies in the rough, an exception would be a ball plugged on either F/Way or rough can be cleaned and dropped. (a point to note: a ball that has hopped out of it’s plug mark must be played as it lies).

Bunkers in Play with the preferred lie local rule still an option, within 6 inches.

Dropping off the Fairway is no longer permitted.

Domestic handicaps (minus system) will be reset on April 1st.

Disturbed ground + machine marks near New trees treat as Gur (interference to stance, or intended line of swing).also free relief from Slit marks anywhere on the course. i.e. in the rough drop from slit marks & on the fairway – place away from slit marks.

New members submitting cards for Handicap please leave signed and countersigned cards at reception. 

(cards submitted do not need to be during competition time)


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